At Plonk we strive to present a comfortable atmosphere in which people can enjoy the magical union of food, wine and music. We owe the successful synthesis of this holiest of trinities to a deep abiding love for all three of its components, and to meticulous attention to detail.

Plonk offers its clientele a stunning venue in which to congregate amongst friends, family, or business associates. We provide attentive yet relaxed service to our patrons whether they are stopping in for a quick cocktail after work, or settling into a nine course meal in our private cellar. Our music is selected from an eclectic and vast collection to perfectly compliment the mood of the moment. Finally, Plonk is blessed by original works of art produced not only to create historical resonance within our building, but with specific intent for the particular walls on which they reside.

Visit Plonk to enjoy an environment designed to engage the senses in an uncompromised celebration of the beauty of life.

Join Us in Missoula for Valentines Day

RESERVATIONS ONLY – closed to service.

Seatings at 5:30 & 8:00 – $100 couple / $50 single
4 course Dinner with live music by Eden Atwood & The Craig Hall Trio
Seating arranged by order of reservation

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