Food Menu

evening / dessert / happy hour
Patrons of Plonk enjoy cuisine made from local product when available.
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Evening Menu


house salad / 6

shaggy bear bibb, apple, pecorino, candied hazelnut, spiced cider vinaigrette (gf)

smoked sweet potato and rutabaga bisque / 6

candied walnut thyme gremolata (gf) 

roasted squash & baby kale salad / 12

pickled mushroom, shaved celery, goat feta, pumpkin seed, celery seed vinaigrette (gf)

ricotta beet gnocchi / 10

fried sage leaf, toasted almond, brown butter, orange crème fraiche

heart of palm ‘crab cake’ / 12

jack fruit, avocado, cucumber, fried chickpea, sea bean salad, pink peppercorn vinaigrette, red veined sorrel (vg)

smoked beet carpaccio / 10

roasted nigella seed, birch syrup, chervil, shaved horseradish, fresh lemon (gf/vg)

impossible burger / 24

pickled beefsteak tomato, mirin soy aioli, shiso leaf, tamarind red pepper chutney, steamed bun

celery leaf, yukon tater tots (vg)

wild rice arancini / 24

grilled bok choy, oregon cranberry preserve, roasted sweet potato, almond milk bèchamel, toasted almond (vg)

stuffed acorn squash / 24

sautèed mushrooms, grilled broccolini, steamed buckwheat, butter bean cream cheese, sunflower seeds, birch syrup (gf/vg)


chef’s cheese board / 15

ploughman’s platter / 16

 half meat, half cheese

grilled flatiron salad / 18

shaggy bear bibb lettuce, endive, apple, shaved pecorino, grilled cipollini onion, juniper berry vinaigrette (gf)

duck fat poached scallops / 20

vermouth clam veloutè, pancetta heirloom beans, roasted leek, dressed local lettuce, pork fat bread crumbs

hibachi seared rainbow trout / 16

dragon tongue greens, grilled squash, sunflower seed, smoked corn vinaigrette, chervil (gf)

lamb tartar / 14

fermented tomato paste, juniper aioli, birch syrup vinaigrette, toasted buckwheat cracker (gf/df)

seared pork tenderloin / 28

prune port pan sauce, grilled cipollinis, braised collard greens, anise carrot puree, candied hazelnut (gf)

braised boneless lamb shank / 34

black cardamom chocolate jus, rutabaga russet mash, roasted carrot, braised collards, dried currant, peanut (gf)

seared duck breast / 28 

minnesota wild rice, fried brussels leaves, wild berries, sumac rose hip gastrique, sautèed mushrooms and squash (gf)

hibachi seared steelhead / 26

oregon cranberry preserves, roasted brussels, chilled whipped mascarpone, juniper wine syrup, fried sage (gf)


chef’s cheese board / 15

ploughman’s board / 16

half meat, half cheese

spanish sardines / 12 (df)

preserved spanish sardines, saltines, whole grain mustard, salsa verde

plonk house salad / 10sm 14lg (gf)

organic field greens, shaved fennel, citrus dates, spiced walnuts, pickled beets

penta crema, orange poppy seed vinaigrette

add grilled wagyu sirloin / 8

spinach salad / 12

organic baby spinach, eggplant croutons, rosemary pickled peppers, queso fresco

roasted spaghetti squash, toasted pine nuts, black garlic-sherry vinaigrette  

split pea and ham soup / 6 cup 12 bowl (gf)

yellow split peas, smoked ham hock, beluga lentils maple cream fraiche, korean chili oil

beef tartare* / 16

mt beef tenderloin, green garlic, caper, preserved lemon, caesar aioli, meyer lemon oil

watercress, toasted cranberry struan

pork schnitzel / 18

kurobuta pork tenderloin, jalapeño arugula butter

salsa verde, shaved fennel, pink peppercorns

fennel pollen

 yam and celeriac pierogi / 12

sunshine squash, wild mushroom conserva, brined pecan, sage pesto, maple crème

penn cove mussels / 18 (gf)

fingerling frites, picante sofrito, pickled peppers, grilled green onion, sherry beurre blanc


seared scallops / 32 

brown butter, greens and beans, black garlic broth mushroom conserva, pork fat panko, sunshine squash puree

oven roasted chicken / 26 (gf)

organic chicken breast, french lentils, fennel, roasted yellow beets, fermented raisin chutney, schmaltz pan sauce

mt raised beef tenderloin* / 38 (gf)

baby salt potatoes, tallow malt aioli, baby bok choy, black garlic reduction, caper chimichurri, sel gris

grilled local bone-in pork chop* / 25 (gf)

house milled polenta, crispy brussels sprouts, prosciutto gremolata 

squash massaman curry / 22 (gf)

roasted spaghetti squash, beluga lentils, yams, cauliflower, cashew-cilantro-turmeric chutney

massaman curry broth, persian lime yogurt 

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, or seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness

Dessert Menu

vanilla bean panna cotta / 11 

pistachio puree, green apple sorbet, roasted pistachio, oat crumble, mint reisling gelee


beet tart / 12 

tamarind dulce de leche, cardamom crumble ginger ice cream, black currant compote


peanut chocolate bar / 9 

flourless chocolate tort, peanut nougat, pom. syrup, raspberry marshmallow chocolate ganache


rooibos crème brûlée / 9

lavender lemon cookie


dessert cocktails & wines available as well – ask server for full menu.

english toffee cake / 8

butterscotch, almond toffee crumble, madagascar vanilla bean ice cream

chocolate cream pie / 12

dark chocolate pastry cream, flakey pie crust sea salt & vanilla chantilly, chocolate shavings

pots de creme / 10

dark chocolate, coconut dolce de leche, cocoa nibs, maldon

dessert board / 15

chef’s choice house-made cookies, truffles, crème brûlée, ice cream and dessert bars

dessert cocktails & wines available as well – ask server for full menu.

Happy Hour Menu

Available everyday from: 3-5pm & 10:30-midnight


personal ploughman’s  / 7

one meat, one cheese, chef’s selection

roasted squash & baby kale salad / 12

pickled mushroom, shaved celery, goat feta, pumpkin seed, celery seed vinaigrette (gf)

berbere fried cauliflower  / 7

yogurt cucumber raita, cucumber cilantro salad (gf)

heart of palm ‘crab cake’ / 12

jack fruit, avocado, cucumber, fried chickpea, sea bean salad, pink peppercorn vinaigrette, red veined sorrel (vg)

jackfruit sloppy jose / 11

chorizo seasoned jackfruit, masa arepas, radish green onion salad, jalapeno vinegar (gf/vg) 

buckwheat soba  / 12

mushroom broth, grilled bok choy, pickled cucumber salad, black sesame (df)

add pork belly / 7 

roasted chicken flatbread  / 9

walnut arugla pesto, pickled fennel, shallot, pecorina romano

g.f.b.  / 14

locally raised beef, challah bun, house pancetta, grafton smoked cheddar, pickled fennel, hot house tomato

salmon fly honey rye mustard, roasted garlic aioli 


pineapple express / 9

jalapeño tequila*, muddled basil, fresh lime, pineapple

st. shefije / 9

gin, st. germain, campari, fresh lime juice

crime scene / 7

cherry bourbon*, pomegranate juice, fresh o.j, ginger

jubilee toddy / 8

cherry bourbon*, honey, ground cinnamon


chardonnay or tempranillo / 7

malbec or pinot grigio / 5


personal ploughman’s  / 6

cured meat and cheese with whole grain mustard and baguette pork steam buns  / 8 (df) tamari glazed pork shoulder, pickled carrot and onion, cilantro, chili aioli

spanish sardines  / 8 (df)

preserved spanish sardines, saltines, salsa verde

jalapeno corn fritters  / 8

buttermilk corn batter, cold smokey queso

plonk house salad / 6 (gf)

field greens, arugula, fresh beets, chevre, red onion, champagne hydrated blueberries, preserved lemon vinaigrette sunflower seed and quinoa crunch

g.f.b. / 10

locally raised ground beef, ham, cheddar, roasted garlic aioli, carolina mustard sauce, crispy onion rings, house-made brioche bun

pork steam buns  / 8 (df)

tamari glazed pork shoulder, cilantro, pickled carrot and onion, chili aioli

french onion fries / 6

hand cut russets, french onion seasoning, carmelized onion and creme fraiche sousbis (gf)


montgomery distilling / 5 gin, vodka or aquavit

contratto bianco on the rocks / 5

on the rocks ricard pastis / 5 with water

penicillin / 7

dewers, lemon, honey ginger syrup, laphroig 10yr

brock landers, d.s. / 7

black strap rum, becherovka, pimento dram, muddled lime, fresh ginger, ginger beer


grenache or scheurebe / 7

tempranillo or grenache blanc / 5

seasonal tap beer / 5